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The Importance Of Preventative Skincare

Skincare is an essential force in the beauty and wellness world, but with millions of skincare products on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin. Why do we even use skincare products? When should you start using skincare products? What are the basic skincare products everyone should be using? These are all questions we aim to answer in this post!

Why should skincare matter to me?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and is also extremely susceptible to damage, ranging from sun damage to dehydration to fine lines and wrinkles. For this reason, it is important to use skincare products that can protect your skin from damage in order to prevent premature skin aging and maintain healthy, youthful looking skin!

When do I start?

You may begin using simple skincare products around ages 12-13, depending on your skin type and condition. You really do not need to do much around this age and during teenage years, having a gentle cleanser, a simple moisturizer, and sunscreen is all you need to keep your skin clean and healthy!  If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may also add AHA/BHA products (such as lactic/salicylic acid) to your daily routine. These will help to keep your pores breathing and reduce oiliness and inflammation. 

In terms of more preventative skincare such as treatments and serums for anti-aging and/or hyperpigmentation, you can begin adding those steps into your skincare routine around your mid-20s, as it’s around this age when we begin losing our collagen fibers that keep our skin tight and firm. Ideally, you should continue using such products throughout your 40s and 50s, where you will start to see most significant results! As you age, you may add more anti-aging products to your daily routine, in order to support the demands of your maturing skin. Ingredients such as Retinol, Niacinamide, Antioxidants, Bioactive peptides, AHA/BHA, and Hyaluronic Acid (to name a few) are proven to delay the premature appearance of aging signs, such as wrinkles and pigmented spots. 

So.. What should I be doing?

It is easy to explain why preventative skincare is so beneficial, but how do you get started?

The most essential skincare steps to protect against signs of aging are:

  • Wear sunscreen with high SPF daily. This is THE most important step in preventative skincare.
  • Start treating your skin early, and remember: it’s always easier to prevent than correct.  
  • Keep it simple – find 2-3 products that work best for you and stick to them. Avoid over-layering unnecessary products on your skin.
  • Cleanse your skin no more than twice a day – use gentle cleansers and avoid scrub soaps with exfoliating particles, as they may damage your skin
  • Use a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated

I want more.. What else should I use?

  • Vitamin C
    • Using a Vitamin C Serum is incredibly effective in protecting your skin’s tone and texture. It can also be used to treat/prevent any sun spots and/or hyperpigmentation from developing. In fact, using a Vitamin C will make your skin appear bright, plump, and healthy!
      • We have an incredible Vitamin C Serum that is perfect for treating/preventing the appearance of dark spots – Check it out here
  • Retinol
    • Using a Retinol at night can also be extremely beneficial for preventative skincare, as it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and so much more!
      • Check out this blog post on Retinol to find out more about this incredible skincare product!
  • AHA
    • Alpha Hydroxy Acids, such as lactic and glycolic acid, help your skin renew itself more effectively, prevent premature wrinkle formation, reduce hyperpigmentation, and help to increase hydration in the upper skin layers.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    • The ultimate skin hydrator that help to keep the skin elastic and plumped. Hyaluronic acid is ideal for sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin, and for anyone who wants to keep their skin healthy and radiant. 
  • Ceramides
    • A naturally-occurring lipid in our skin and a major component of the skin lipid barrier. Ceramides help to keep our skin well-hydrated and protected from external elements. As we get older, we produce less ceramides every year and our lipid barrier gets compromised. For this reason, it is crucial to add them to our skincare routine, especially for more mature skin and in low-humidity environments/seasons. 
  • Antioxidants
    • Vitamins A,C,E, Niacinamide (vitamin B3), ferulic acid, turmeric acid, natural extracts, hyaluronic acid, and above all – FULLERENE. All act as effective antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the skin and protect it from external and internal elements. Daily use of antioxidants is crucial for preventing premature skin damage and aging. 

Main Takeaway Points:

  • The sooner you start creating a skincare routine, the better! Good skincare habits stay for life.
  • You can begin using preventative skincare treatments/serums around your mid-20s.
  • Always wear sunscreen during the day, cleanse your skin, and moisturize.
  • Add a Vitamin C or Retinol to treat fine lines and wrinkles, and dark spots, you would not believe the benefits that comes form these preventative skincare treatments!