C-Cleanser Foam

C-Cleanser Foam is a deep cleansing formula that removes excess oil from the pores and detoxifies surface impurities for pure, soft, fresh, and supple skin. C-Cleanser Foam can be used on a regular basis with all skin types to detoxify the skin before morning/evening skincare routines.
pH 4.5-6.5. Does not contain SLS

Active Ingredients:

  • Myristic Acid effectively removes dirt and oils from the skin’s surface and pores. It also works as an emollient that hydrates and softens the skin and has potent foaming properties which allow it to cleanse the skin more effectively.
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate – oil-soluble Vitamin C derivative. Works as a powerful antioxidant and whitening agent, with anti-inflammatory and wrinkle-reduction properties. Because it is oil-soluble, Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate facilitates deep pores cleansing.
  • Medxtract Chamomile Distilled – the floral water of Chamomilla Recutita flowers, produced by distillation. Works as an antioxidant and a gentle soothing hydrosol to refresh and calm the skin.