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When it comes to offering optimal treatment without irritating side effects, our breakthrough DermShield™ is the answer you have been searching for. It is our innovative DermShield™ technology that has enabled our NOON Aesthetics’™ pharmaceutical skin care product line, which contains active ingredients and unprecedented concentration levels without the side effects such as irritation, burning, and redness.

In the development of skin care cosmetics, alpha hydroxy acids and other acids such as azelaic are frequently used to foster supple, youthful skin amongst those young and old. These acids are also used to treat a breadth of different skin conditions, are used at home, and are used for peeling in stronger concentrations. All this said, there are certain rules that must generally be followed when it comes to using these acids. An important one to note is that the greater the concentration and the smaller the pH, the stronger the product’s peeling effect will be.

The main issue at point is that when it comes to using acids, there are frequent side effects. Much like being pricked by a needle would alert your brain’s pain receptors, the type C nociceptor in your skin responds to changes in your skin’s pH level.

Within your skin, there are blood vessels, nerves, and mast cells. Mast cells are those which release histamine, and this subsequently causes rashes or irritation. When a signal is sent through your type C nociceptor, it moves through to your mast cells and then to the spine and brain. This signal’s route through the blood vessels ultimately causes them to expand, and this expansion produces redness. The beginning of not-so-fun side effects!

The more sensitive your skin is and the greater the acidity concentration, the more that these blood vessels will expand. Because of how thin these vessels are, upon expansion, they secrete plasma that in greater amounts, causes edema to form. This edema then stimulates the mast cells, which results in the release of histamine. 

This string of events is called neurogenic inflammation and until now, there has been no product available to prevent the resulting irritation, inflammation, redness, and other side effects. We have had to turn to numbing materials such as ointments, injections, and pills to reduce pain – that is, until DermShield™.

DermShield™ technology selectively suppresses tingling, burning, and itching does not use anesthesia in the treated area, suppresses erythema and edema of the skin, prevents neurogenic inflammation, and suppresses the formation of cytokines that initiate inflammation.

It is undoubtedly an innovation for the ages, effectively enabling the use of cosmetics with high concentrations and low pH without its usual unpleasant side effects. In order to deliver the results of treatment with 15% concentration and 3.5 pH, DermShield™ technology is used to apply the substance and then numbs the type C nociceptors and nerves to prevent any irritation. This creates the ideal circumstances and results for skin treatment and makes Noon’s DermShield™ the only cosmetic line with high concentrations that can be used daily without the threat of side effects.

Nobody likes side effects and surely not your customers. By using DermShield™, you can offer clients powerful and effective peels and other treatments without worry about redness, irritation, or other irritating at-home consequences. This will undoubtedly guarantee you a roster of returning, satisfied clients, more pleasant and stress-free sessions, and overall treatments that have every client looking their best.