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NOON™ Brightening Starter Kit (Coming Soon)

NOONTM Brightening Starter Kit contains products with active lightening ingredients that are tailored to treat environmental, hormonal, and genetic pigmentation. This comprehensive brightening treatment directly inhibits the production of melanin in the skin, neutralizes free radicals effectively, prevents oxidative stress, relieves inflammation, and reduces the impact of environmental stress on the skin. The treatment ultimately fades dark spots and leads to a brighter complexion and a more even skin tone. The Brightening kit can be used to prepare the skin of the client before professional in-clinic lightening treatments, and to support the brightening process at home following the treatment.

The Brightening Starter Kit Includes:

MultiVit Sun Protector (15ml)

SPF30 sunscreen that blocks the harmful UVB + UVA radiation, as well as IR + HEV (blue light). It features a hypoallergenic formula that is based on encapsulated filter + Nano Titanium Dioxide. It also protects the skin from temperature stress, improves skin hydration, and includes antioxidant vitamins C, E, & B3 that reduce photodamage and promote skin brightening.

TranexAz (10ml)

A comprehensive Brightening treatment with 13% Azelaic Acid + 10% Azeloglicina + 5% Tranexamic Acid + 5% Alpha Arbutin. TranexAz features powerful melanin inhibition properties which help to reduce discoloration, enhance the overall skin complexion, and protect skin cells from free radicals damage

Note: The kit includes smaller-size products for a 3-4 week home-care experience, before or after in-clinic treatments. In addition, each kit includes detailed product information and Morning/Evening instructions.